Investment Strategy

Eight Capital Partners plc (“ECP”) is an international financial services operating company, whose wholly owned subsidiaries, Epsion Capital Limited (“Epsion” and Innovative Finance Srl (“Innfin”), source, advise, finance, invest in and deliver transactions for [SME] businesses within the technology, media, telecoms and financial services sectors. ECP has recently [refined] its strategy to focus increasingly on those businesses engaged in “Fintech” operations, including the digitization of banking services, blockchain-backed decentralized finance and “crypto banking”.
ECP considers there to be many value creation opportunities for shareholders from the further aligning and expansion of the activities of Epsion and Innfin (together, “the operating subsidiaries”). By combining this advisory and transactional expertise with the strategic utilization of ECP’s growing in-house capital resources, ECP is able to provide significant support to the transactions managed by its operating subsidiaries through the provision of early-stage and growth co-investment capital.

The competitive advantage of ECP’s new operating structure is its flexibility in terms of where it invests in the capital stack pyramid, being equally comfortable with private or public debt and/or equity positions, convertibles and structured equity or debt facilities. Much of the financial services advisory market only delivers third party capital and advice, without direct access to supportive in-house capital, or having access to in-house capital lines with a less flexible mandate.

ECP has therefore moved away from a pure investing strategy to a financial services operating strategy whereby our clients’ financial services transactions can be supported by in-house capital.