Share Price and Shareholdings

Eight Capital Partners plc’s shares are traded on the AQSE Exchange Growth Market (formerly NEX).

Symbol: ECP

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Number of securities in issue: 1,564,315,462 ordinary shares of 0.01p.

Number of deferred securities in issue: 540,166,760 of 0.24p each.

No securities are held as treasury shares.

49.81% Eight Capital Partners’ shares are held in public hands.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

The main country of operation is United Kingdom. Incorporated and registered in England and Wales with registered number 09301329.

Eight Capital Partners plc is subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

As at 15 August 2022, as far as the Directors are aware, the following shareholders are Company Directors or interested in 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company.

Name Number of ordinary shares % of issued share capital
IWEP LTD 467.669.173 29.90
DL Ced Srl 155,388,471 9.93
Martin Groak 60.143.000 3.84
Rajesh Kandeth 52.000.000 3.32
Fabio Carretta 50.000.000 3.20

Share Options

As per the announcement of 21 May 2020
The Company has granted the following options under the Scheme:

Option holder Number of Options granted Exercise Price Options Granted as Percentage of Issued Share Capital on Admission
Dominic White 80,000,000 0.00025 4.71%
Martin Groak 54,000,000 0.00025 3.18%
134,000,000 7.89%

Cosmos SICAV Value Added Fund hold such number of warrants to subscribe for Ordinary Shares as would have a value (depending on certain performance conditions below) of £750,000.  These warrants shall have a three year expiration date from the date of issue and an exercise price equal to a 10 per cent. premium to the 30 day volume weighted average price of the Ordinary Shares on the date of exercise.

On 26 October 2018, the Company announced that it had secured a facility for the Company to issue up to £2.5m of Convertible Bonds (the “Bonds”) to Cosmos SICAV plc Value Added Fund (the “Investor”). Please see the announcement of 26 October 2018  and 6 June 2019 for further details.

Information on this page last updated on 15 August 2022.